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BLÅ is an independent club in Oslo for live, contemporary “jazz and related sounds.” It is a professional venue dedicated to up-and-coming acts from all over the country, while also hosting established international artists.
Opening in February 1998, BLÅ addressed the acute demand for music resources in the capital, and has since grown to become the largest club of its kind in Scandinavia.
At no more than an average night club cover charge, BLÅ presents live performances for body, mind and sound system, almost every day of the week.

By establishing the bp record label and the TINNITUS booking agency, BLÅ has formed a self-sustaining new music forum to stage events such as “BLÅ, Molde” at the Molde International Jazz Festival.
Last year's inaugural event represented a new take on festival performances, namely a mobile BLÅ club concept: A total of 45 musicians, 23 staff, lighting, PA, and three gourmet “jazz food” chefs
were ferried in two 18-wheelers the 1,000 kms from Oslo to Molde. The “BLÅ, Molde” venue became the definitive crowd pleaser, in terms of music, an innovative concept, and the best food stand in festival memory…

In season, BLÅ also offers the finest in outdoor café leisure on the banks of the Aker river, flanked by resident DJ’s (weekends).

Capacity, BLÅ: 150 seated / 300 standing

Vi har for tiden 19 arrangementer i BLÅ 19 Arrangement

  • 25 aug 2018 lør 20:00
  • JENNY HVAL - flyttet fra 1.6.18

    lør 20:00
  • 29 sep 2018 lør 23:00
  • Gymmen I Live. Hardy Caprio (UK)

    lør 23:00
  • 13 okt 2018 lør 18:00
  • The Melvins + Shitkid

    lør 18:00
  • Få eller ingen ledige
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  • 26 okt 2018 fre 20:00

    fre 20:00
  • 02 nov 2018 fre 22:00
  • Meridian Brothers & Cero 39 - Oslo World

    fre 22:00
  • 03 nov 2018 lør 21:00
  • ISÁK + Benin International Musical - Oslo World

    lør 21:00