What is a Platinum-ticket?

Platinum tickets gives fans high demand tickets available for specific events. Prices are dynamic, regulating price and demand, which means your ticket has a matching market value. Ticket prices will vary from day to day, depending on the demand.

How to reduce ticketsales on the black market? Platinum tickets is a safe and reliable way to buy the best tickets available. The extra ticket sales goes directly to the artist and promoter. Platinum gives the customer the opportunity to buy tickets at official ticket conveys, even though regular tickets might be sold out. This gives the customer several options when buying a ticket.

What is the difference between Platinum seating and the seats right next to the Platinum seats?

The promoter reserves a number of high demand seats for Platinum. This does not necessarily mean that a Platinum ticket is any different from the seat next to it.

The purpose of this ticket is to ensure a few of the most demanded tickets to be available after the pre-sale period. Meaning fans will be able to get amazing seats even after the tickets are sold out.

Can I decide which seats I get?

The promoter has reserved a few of the best seats in advance, this might be seats on the same row or different sections of the venue. You will be given the best seats available when purchasing a Platinum ticket.

More information about Platinum seating is available on specific events on Ticketmaster.no. Or click on a specific event on the list above.

Can I buy Platinum tickets at Ticketmaster.no

Yes! Platinum tickets are only sold via Ticketmaster.no.

What other advantages do I get when purchasing a Platinum ticket?

This varies for each event. Check specific events in the list above for more information about advantages when buying a Platinum ticket.

Why are Platinum tickets only available at specific events?

Platinum tickets are only available at specific events requested by the artist and promoter.

How do I recieve my Platinum tickets?

You will get your Platinum tickets in the mail.

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