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5 Events

About Øyafestivalen

When we had to cancel the 2020 Festival, all tickets were automatically transferred to 2021. Everyone who wanted to refund their thicket, was given the opportunity. If The Øya Festival has to again cancel becuase of Covid-19 (something we neither hope nor believe will happen), we will of course treat all our ticket holders the same way! Read more about our refund guarantee HERE.

Øyafestivalen has throughout its time excelled as one of Norways biggest and best festivals. Øya is held every year in the late summer, and it is for many of Oslos citizens the biggest happening of the year. Traditionally, the festival was arranged in Middelalderparken, but moved in 2014 to Tøyenparken. It is said that 2014 was Øyas best year. Expect great music, ranging from small up and coming bands, to big headliners